Portrait Younghi Pagh-Paan



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for accordion (1996)

I was commissioned to write NE MA-UM in 1996 by Teodoro Anzellotti. The Korean title means "my heart". I took the liberty to quote a line from H.C.Artmann's poem "mein herz" (my heart) as the subtitle to this piece: "mein herz ist die abendstille geste einer atmenden hand" (my heart is the tranquillity of the evening, gesture of a breathing hand)

This little piece has become part of the core of my chamber opera MONDSCHATTEN (shadows of the Moon). However, it is not the only element to influence this new composition. Several recent pieces have cast their shadow on MONDSCHATTEN. When Simone Weil wrote in her "Cahiers 3": "supernatural freedom necessarily exists, and yet this existence is something infinitely minute. Every supernatural reality down here is supernaturally miniscule and expands exponentially…", she was referring to the ancient wisdom of east Asia. Nothingness contains and surrounds the entirety of existence. Transcendence.


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